How to Win Battles Against Just About Anyone: the OODA Loop

Right, so you may be just one guy (or girl), but your adversaries are massive and state-sponsored. (Maybe you’re a Chinese dissident.)

Or maybe you have to fight off the entire Internet criminal underground. Or maybe your life is a movie script, and you just developed a black box for a firm called Setec Astronomy.

How do you survive, and maybe even win?

(I’d first suggest maneuvering things so that your adversaries can afford to make fewer mistakes and you can afford to make more. But after that…)

At least in the most abstract sense, the OODA loop concept tells you how.

Simplified, it means you win by thinking and reacting faster than your adversary.

The interesting bits, of course, are when you get in the details, and the rules. (Kinda like how axiomatic design — remember that? —
simplifies to “design stuff one step at a time,” but when you get into it lets you build airtight security systems.)

(no quotes, go read it. Short summary:

“the idea is that in order to win any given incursion you must [Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act] faster than your opponent.”)

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