Opting Out of People Search Sites

Ever looked yourself up on a site like Zabasearch or Spokeo? Sometimes the data is amusingly wrong, sometimes it leaves you with a distinctly uncomfortable feeling of “where did they get that?”

The link is a long page with instructions for getting yourself off most of those sites (all the big ones). Good way to spend a lazy afternoon.

I kind of touched on this yesterday, but I wonder what makes people want to work for companies that do stuff like this. Did they always want to violate people’s privacy when they grew up?

(Not everything these firms post is based on public data.)

Maybe the people that do this stuff never took the time to imagine how much happier they’d be if they were helping people maintain their privacy instead. (To whatever degree that’s possible in this day and age…) Or maybe they just can’t find any other work, who knows.


(too long to quote)


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