Schneier on Internet War Treaties

Bit of commentary that’s probably worth reading if you use the Internet and care halfway about security.

My two cents: treaties are nice, but it’s better to develop & distribute good defensive technology widely.

(Including the basic thinking about security stuff like “yes people really will do X.”)

The harder and costlier it is for people to mount attacks, the fewer problems for the world.

Sort of the lockpickers’ “get people to improve their security by teaching them to pick locks” but in reverse.

“We’re in the early years of a cyberwar arms race. It’s expensive, it’s destabilizing, and it threatens the very fabric of the Internet we use every day. Cyberwar treaties, as imperfect as they might be, are the only way to contain the threat.

If you read the press and listen to government leaders, we’re already in the middle of a cyberwar. By any normal definition of the word “war,” this is ridiculous. […]”

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