Older Means Wiser in Computer Security

Older people tend to prioritize computer security more highly, while people aged 18-25 tend to be more overconfident about their security knowledge.

Takeaway? Most of the people on this list are around that age bracket. So teach your less-security savvy friends to defend themselves. And brush up on your own knowledge, you probably know less than you think.

(That said, I’m not sure I agree with the study’s assumption that ‘integrated security suites’ are necessarily an indication of sophistication.)


“Computer security increases in priority with age: Only 31% of 18 – 25s rank security as the most important consideration when making decision about their computers in comparison to 58% of 56 – 65s. 18 – 25s prioritize entertainment and community above security.

18 – 25s are overconfident in their security knowledge: 18 – 25s (63%) claim to be more knowledgeable about security when compared to 56 – 65s (59%). However, half of younger respondents have had security issues in the past two years in comparison to just 42% of 56 – 65s.

18 – 25s have less sophisticated security due to cost and technical barriers: respondents aged 18 – 25 are less likely to use paid antivirus, 3rd-party firewalls, or integrated security suites than 56 – 65s. 45% of 18 – 25s view security software as too expensive in comparison to 37% of 56 – 65s.”


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