People Tweeting Photos Of Their Debit Cards (and dreams)

It’s like the Wall of Sheep at a certain hacker conference, only far more embarrassing. The WoS has caught even quite seasoned (physical) security professionals. Making it on this is like the identity-theft equivalent of a Darwin Award. A sign we need some kind of mass security education?

In the interest of adding a little more substance, a life-hacking tip.

If you want to be like a new-age hippie and keep a dream journal, the most interesting dreams are the hardest to remember,* and the most fragile.

Sometimes when you’re about to remember them, some part of your mind decides it doesn’t want you to and makes you want to move your body or scratch an itch. Ignore it. Stay still, and write!

A pen that writes upside-down (e.g a Uni-Ball PowerTank or Tombow Airpress) helps because you can write while you’re still flat on your back. Sounds weird, but it works.

* (seen subjectively, there’s at least two kinds of dreams: the really vivid ones that you recall easily, and the faint ones that take practice. Like finding a faint radio signal in the noise, it helps to have an idea of what you’re looking for: common themes, cues, people, places, whatever that might have appeared.)


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