Semi-offtopic: Killing electronics you don’t want anymore

So you’ve got a pile of cellphones or other electronics that you want to permanently remove from your life.

Just tossing them in the trash is no good, since someone can easily dump the contents of memory.

A fair bit of testing later, I’ve confirmed that a stun gun* is highly effective at rendering all sorts of silicon inoperable.

* In my tests, a PTB-approved 500,000 volt “Power Max” unit.

One of the key parts of the process is where the stun gun is applied to the undesired hardware. The probes have to be _right_ on top of the critical chip(s).

This is both because the voltage field falls off exponentially prior to an arc being struck, and because the thing tends to arc to whatever conductors are nearby — which ends in the voltage being sent to components you’re not targeting.

(Caveat: I don’t have facilities to directly look for any possible signs of life like RF emissions or perform more sophisticated operations like dumping EEPROMs or microprobing chips. So use a sledgehammer if possible as well.)


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