Bypassing Electromagnetic Locks with a Screwdriver?

From the comments of a (very neat) Hackaday project, a bypass for
electromagnet-based door locks I wasn’t aware of: if the lock is accessible from outside the door (often is for inward-swinging doors), it may be possible to bypass it. The trick? Use a screwdriver to wedge it apart from one end.

“Magnetic force is a funny thing, and it weakens pretty quickly. If you wedge a screwdriver near the mag latch and lever it apart even just a little, your 400 lbs of force becomes 40 lbs. From there, a little more wedging becomes 4 lbs.

Thanks to archimedes, high tech magnetic locks pose little challenge to the average monkey with a screw driver. Most of the world doesn’t know this, but it can save your bacon when you’re locked out of a server room and for some reason aren’t carrying the touch tone generator needed to disable WOPR.”


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