Blowing Up Safes in Britain, a Historical View (also neurophone, lifehacking, security)

The side of safecracking you don’t see very often… a quite scholarly look at the practice of opening safes with explosives.

Neurophone: It’s worth noting that the Neurophone can create significant tinnitus after using it. The tinnitus seems to last anywhere from minutes to fractions of an hour, maybe longer. Subjectively it seems to be a ‘memory effect’ where the brain is re-playing the signal, but it could just as well be an artefact of the very high intensity of the ultrasonic signal being sent into the skin by the transducers.

Lifehacking: Taking some time to experiment with binaural audio and other forms of brainwave entrainment (blinking lights…) is well worth it. You can create everything from relaxation to energy in yourself with a bit of playing around. Even (temporary) depression and tension are doable, though I’m not sure why you’d want them.

Security tip: I’ve had good luck with a Knoppix LiveCD so far as the basis for an air-gapped machine. Being a LiveCD makes ‘oops I might’ve been compromised’ easy to recover from, barring EFI/BIOS/etc attacks. The on-the-fly compression packs tons of software on the DVD, reducing the amount you have to transfer over. (When that’s necessary, the least-vulnerable route seems to be a 9660-formatted CD-R. The 9660 filesystem is older and vastly simpler than FAT, reducing attack surface for autorun-style evil. Using a CD also gives you the chance to avoid USB & SCSI driver layer holes.)

” From gunpowder to gelignite

The recollections and researches of Scottish Safeman who learned his trade at the time when safe-blowing reached its peak between the late 40’s and 60’s, and who, through necessity, had to become familiar with the use of explosives.”


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