“Compensation for Scam Victims” Scam (and micropower TMS note)

The ultimate self-targeting scam: “We found your email address on a list of scam victims. The Nigerian government has set up a fund to compensate, if you pay $90 for shipping…” Apparently not new, but worth mentioning because of the meta-level innovation it represents. The next step, of course, would be a scam victims’ support organization (run by the scammers) a la the original honeypot — the “Monarchist Union of Central Russia,”* an anti-Bolshevik organization run by the Bolsheviks to identify and manipulate anti-Bolsheviks.

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trust_Operation

(A case worth studying, as it provides the theoretical basis for all modern honeypots.

It’s a good example of the brutality of such things, too: one of the MUCR’s greatest successes was luring dissidents into Russia to be executed as soon as they crossed the border.

Worth noting is that learning security is overwhelmingly about learning by experience, and so the most important element of learning security is to make sure you can keep accumulating experience without ending up in a “game over” scenario.)

Micropower TMS: If you mess with dietary hacking at all you’ll eventually try a high-protein diet. You’ll probably discover that this diet quickly causes a “brain fog” that can make it seem like your powers of cognition have regressed to the same stone age from which the diet came.

For a variety of reasons my meals today ended up being very heavy on meat and fat, both of which cause this ‘brain fog.’ So, did alpha-wave entrainment with the micropower TMS get my thinking back to normal levels? Yes, but it took a lot of power: basically balancing the TMS on my shoulder (<3 inverse square law) for upwards of half an hour.

Preliminary conclusion: a high-protein diet may reduce sensitivity to magnetic field entrainment of alpha brain waves at the cost of reduced cognitive ability until such entrainment takes place.


“It might interest you to know that a total sum of $3.5 mimllion has been set aside for compensation [of scam victims…]”


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