Taiwan Government Trapped Employees with Sex Video

[users of certain webmail services: my emails get intermittently spamfiltered. You should be getting at least one a day. If not, check your spamfolder.]

6,000 people working for the government in Taiwan were led into a trap by their employer: a (fake) sex video sent around by email, designed to test whether they had the discipline to follow a no-personal-email policy. 1,000 of them clicked the link and now get to take an Internet security course.

(yes, technically it was the government of New Taipei City)

The attack at least is classic red teaming, done on a massive scale. While I don’t agree with its use for enforcing management policies, trying to compromise your own security is almost the only way to be sure you have any security at all. (Short of getting someone else to try and compromise your security, which is vastly more effective.)


“Some 1,000 sex-obsessed civil servants in Taiwan have been sent on an internet security course after being caught in a kind of online honey trap set up by their local government employer.

The government of New Taipei City, next door to the Taiwanese capital, sent an email to its 6,000 employees in order to test their resolve, AFP reported.

The email used classic social engineering techniques to encourage recipients to open it – claiming to contain a salacious video relating to a popular celebrity sex scandal currently doing the rounds in the country.

Around a sixth of employees couldn’t resist having a peek, despite the checking of non-work emails being strictly forbidden for government workers. Those who clicked on the message will be forced to sit through a two hour course on internet security.”


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