Sherlock Holmes does Social Media: Global Inference Attacks (and a security tip)

If someone wants to keep the world from knowing they’re in Paris, they’ll probably refrain from tweeting photos of th Eiffel Tower. But what about posting photos of people who just announced where they are?

Now automate the idea, apply it to the millions of cookie-crumb data bits people leave on the Internet, and apply it on a mass scale…

Reasons to think twice about Tweeting your bulk lumber purchases, partial list.

Security tip: Buy some big ferrite toroidal cores with fairly high permeability. Take the power cord to your laptop and wrap it around the toroid five or ten times, so the toroid is at the very end (laptop end, not power plug).

Using the Sinitsa (posted earlier) you should be able to hear a very noticeable reduction in electromagnetic “hash” caused by making your computer think. That’s less hash for an adversary to pick up and exploit.


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