Monthly Archives: December 2012

“Compliance,” or Why Defense Matters

Man calls fast-food joint, pretending to be a cop. He says one of the employees is a suspect in a theft, and needs to be strip searched. Over a period of hours — in something like the real-life social engineering version of Haneke’s “Funny Games”* — things get much worse. This happened over 70 times, […]

Anti-Manipulation Techniques (and armband update)

A New-Age-y blogger put together a neat list of ways to counter ways people try and manipulate you. (e.g “I understand *sad puppy dog look*”) Short versions: – Verbalize the subtext. “You mean I’m breaking your heart by not doing X?” – Get in touch with your inner Aspergers-stereotype and ignore all subtexts. “I knew […]

Security Threat Modeling Card Game (and more armband)

Microsoft’s come out with a neat card game to teach (and practice) threat modeling and vulnerability hunting. It’s a series of cards with common flaws, the players get to try and link them to the system under analysis. This is particularly useful for people who are new to security… think of it as a short […]

Armband correction

Both spirals are right handed, the wire leaves at the top of one and at the bottom of the other.

Lesser Known Persuasion Tricks (and armband redux)

A marketing blog goes down an excellent list of persuasion / social engineering tactics you don’t hear about too often. Read these inside out: if you spot one being used, what does that tell you about the person using them and what their interests are? Can you spot one used intentionally, versus one that comes […]

Anti-Surveillance Camera Jewelry (and other hacker jewelry)

Most of you probably remember Doktor Zoz’s DEFCON Anti-Camera Hat* — this goes a little further (and is a little less obvious). These guys use infrared LEDs instead of visible, aiming to create just enough glare to blot-out your face. * The trick is that they’re aiming for camera-obscuring at night, so they don’t […]

Other Lubricants You Might Enjoy (and lifehacking: Russian Sleep Machine update)

Guy goes to Wal-Mart, buys a tube of personal lubricant. Pays with his debit card. Now he gets emails from Wal-Mart… suggesting other lubricants he might “enjoy.” Reasons to use cash, partial list. In other news, a new lead crossed my desktop on the legendary Russian Sleep Machine, the search for which kicked off the […]