Anti-Surveillance Camera Jewelry (and other hacker jewelry)

Most of you probably remember Doktor Zoz’s DEFCON Anti-Camera Hat* —
this goes a little further (and is a little less obvious). These guys use infrared LEDs instead of visible, aiming to create just enough glare to blot-out your face.


The trick is that they’re aiming for camera-obscuring at night, so they don’t need quite as much power… and the cameras are almost certain to be IR sensitive. And whereas the anti-camera hat illuminated the face, these lights are meant to be seen directly by the camera: causing enough glare that the illumination on your face doesn’t matter.

As a result, you can wear your anti-Big Brother countermeasures discreetly.

The following link also came across my desktop recently:
Apparently it’s a split version of an Archimedean spiral broadband antenna ( If you built it right (impedance controlled) it might work as a great WiFi / GPS / bluetooth antenna… only it’s from the Bronze Age!

Regardless, word on the street is “build this” with lots of ones instead of exclamation points, so maybe someone should throw an SMA connector on and start selling it at hacker conferences as a war-driving (walking?) aid. Or just grab some copper wire and add a 3000 year old accessory to your hipster costume.

“Since we know that the cameras are sensitive to this type of IR, we can use IR to evade this camera. By producing more light than the camera emits, we can blow out the image with an IR hotspot. It would be awkward and obvious to walk around pointing an array of IR lights at cameras. Not only would you have to manage the equipment, but you would also have to be very aware of where the cameras were, thus drawing more attention to yourself. To avoid this we must create a discrete system that can fit into our natural environment and still accomplish the task of hiding in plain site.

Benji and I have created a prototype of a necklace that accomplishes this. Within the necklace are embedded a series of low voltage IR emitters which are laid out in such a way that IR light is abundant at any viewing angle of the face. The necklace is also very low profile so it doesn’t draw any extra attention for the wearer. The necklace is powered by a single AA battery which is discreetly embedded in the ribbon of the necklace. While this is a very low emission of IR light, the concept is clear and with the addition of higher powered lights, one could easily “erase” their face and exposed skin using this method.”

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