Murder by Internet-Connected Device

Internet-security firm says we’re at the point where you can kill people by hacking into the right device over the Internet… perhaps via a networked IV pump or an OnStar-enabled car.

Security magazine blogger says BS, most murders aren’t planned in advance, and those that are rely on simplicity.

I would point out that successful elaborately pre-planned murders are presumably the ones we don’t ever hear about. It’s hard to say whether they happen, or how often.

All the more reason to only trust things you understand.

“With nearly every device, from healthcare to transportation, being controlled or communicated with in some way via the Internet, IID predicts that criminals will leverage this to carry out murders. Examples include a pacemaker that can be tuned remotely, an Internet-connected car that can have its control systems altered, or an IV drip that can be shut off with a click of a mouse.

“With so many devices being Internet connected, it makes murdering people remotely relatively simple, at least from a technical perspective. That’s horrifying,” continued Rasmussen. “Killings can be carried out with a significantly lower chance of getting caught, much less convicted, and if human history shows us anything, if you can find a new way to kill, it will be eventually be used.””

” Few murders are planned in advance. Also, as recent events show, those that are premeditated and are successful rely on simplicity. Otherwise they usually don’t work. I suggest Mr. Rasmussen spend a week or so hanging out with the crime reporters of The New Orleans Times-Picayune, The Chicago Tribune or The Chicago SunTimes. It will give him an unparalleled education into the subject of murder.”

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