“Matrix theory” redux

For those of you following the “universe as a computer simulation” thing ( http://www.technologyreview.com/view/429561/the-measurement-that-would-reveal-the-universe-as-a-computer-simulation/ ), apparently Burkhard Heim’s “theory of everything” ( http://www.engon.de/protosimplex/index_e.htm#Theorie ) predicts free space precisely divided into a fundamental grid of cubes.

Speaking of, if you want to blow a few mental circuits — and I cite this as a confirmed skeptic — grab yourself a copy of the following paper:

Jahn, R.G.; , “The persistent paradox of psychic phenomena: An engineering perspective,” Proceedings of the IEEE , vol.70, no.2, pp. 136- 170, Feb. 1982 doi: 10.1109/PROC.1982.12260

It’s worth stating the paper concludes “[after discarding the bullshit] the remaining accumulated evidence of psychic phenomena comprises an array of experimental observations, obtained under reasonable protocols in a variety of scholarly disciplines, which compound to a philosophical dilemma. On the one hand, effects inexplicable in terms of established scientific theory, yet having numerous common characteristics, are frequently and widely observed; on the other hand, these effects have so far proven qualitatively and quantitatively irreplicable, in the strict scientific sense, and appear to be sensitive to a variety of psychological and environmenental factors that are difficult to specify, let alone control.”

However… it also contains such quotes as:
“we are now investigating psychokinetic disturbance of the memory function of a single microelectronic chip”

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