Monthly Archives: February 2013

Two MORE Java Zero Days

This is getting a little ridiculous. The latest build of Java just had two more sandbox-breaking zero-days found in it. Build your own security joke: – Java – Smartphone – Firing range “The seemingly endless list of critical zero day bugs found in Java grew longer today with news that one of the flaws […]

Preparing for a Post-Crypto World

Adi Shamir, the “S” in “RSA,” thinks conventional cryptography is no longer good enough to defend against advanced threats. The current crop of “advanced persistent threats” have gotten too good at doing an end run around modern cryptographic security measures, and it’s time to find a new way of defending against them. Shamir’s proposed solutions […]

Understanding Beppe Grillo (and a rule of thumb for lifehacking)

Italy just elected Steven Colbert president. Well, not exactly. But what actually happened is very close. Beppe Grillo wasn’t even running for office, but his “Five Star Movement” party earned a greater share of the vote than any other single Italian party in the last election. This isn’t entirely unfamiliar in Western politics; in a […]

Wiretapping with Chinese Characteristics: Distributed Accountability

Fascinating article on peer-to-peer espionage in the upper echelons of the Chinese government. As well as internal security, officials have to worry about their rivals bugging them to gain advantage, their mistresses bugging them to gain advantage… this is of course doubly concerning for many of them given the high degree of corruption in the […]

Hacking Bestseller Lists (and quantum lifehacking NP hard problems, proposal for new wireless data transmission scheme)

One of the best ways of promoting a book is to get it on to a “best seller” list. Since newspapers and magazines can’t poll every book shop and website in the world, they have to rely on a select few bookstores and websites to provide a representative sample — kind of how Nielsen ratings […]

Financial Reasons to Preserve Your Privacy on the Internet (and more hedges)

The idea of online price discrimination is not new — most of us will probably remember one or another story about Amazon showing different prices depending on whether you’re logged in, etc. What is new is how far this practice is spreading. The Google-oriented comic a day or two ago showed them picking the highest […]

A New Antwerp Diamond Heist (and another hedge)

One for close observers of the last one. Both the technical derring-do and the haul were significantly lower: the thieves here just had to cut through a fence, and made off with half as much loot. They also used the threat of force instead of pure technical cunning. However, they did all this with considerable […]