Simple Risk Assessment: Home Automation (and more weird science: telepathy, mental overclocking?)

Neat graphic on vulnerabilities in home automation. Neat because of how it demonstrates a good, quick-risk-assessment thought process: for each potential case they work out the advantages of having the potentially vulnerable component, the potential hole it presents, and what happens if the hole gets exploited. Not so neat is they forget information attacks (e.g attackers knowing when you’re on the way home, or on vacation).

Canadian scientist and “God Helmet” guy Dr. Michael Persinger has demonstrated objectively verifiable telepathy in the lab… the key is sychronizing the two brains’ states, in his case with a rotating magnetic field:

Worth noting is the Neurophone project I posted earlier is reportedly also capable of this, though I haven’t tried.

Also, the brain has a 50Hz clock frequency? who knew?

This suggests overclocking would be a possibility. Presumably you would need proper circumcerebral coils: I briefly tried entrainment with a single-coil pulsed magnetic field some distance away varied over the 45-55Hz range, but just felt confused.

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