No More Secrets (continuing the weird-science run)

Canadian researcher Michael Persinger (of “God Helmet” and magnetically induced telepathy fame) makes the point that science is about this far –> <– away from making all secrets a thing of the past.

To support this argument he shows e.g cases of a guy able to access other people’s memories given only a photo of them. Apparently said guy was used to locate Saddam Hussein’s final hiding place. Persinger starts fleshing out theories of how this is possible, suggesting the geomagnetic field may play a role.

Technical aside: The micropower TMS I sent out is not capable of simulating the geomagnetic field, just the Schumann resonance with which it is frequently confused. The geomagnetic field oscillates at fractions of a mHz (not MHz) and contains additional (10kHz-band) harmonics generated by nonlinearities in the earth’s crust. The only publicly-available devices which can duplicate this are sold by the late Dr. Ludwig’s company

More weird science: Remember the dowsing discussion? It turns out “water dowsers” (which have failed controlled studies) may not be detecting water… they may be detecting gamma rays, which a research group some decades ago found in very weak but above-ambient intensities above where water filled cracks deep underground.

(This still doesn’t explain map dowsing.)

Even weirder, their wide-ranging measurements with Geiger counters found that e.g the altars at Chartres and Freiburg cathedrals had local gamma radiation intensity much below the ambient, as do almost all ancient sacred areas.

That the human mind may be sensitive to gamma radiation was first suggested by a Soviet researcher, though his labeling of 10^20 Hz as “light” was incorrectly translated:
(Lisitsyn SK, “New Approach to the Analysis of Electroencephelograms,” Problemy Bioniki. No. 2, 1970, pp. 62-67, 107-110, and 131-136.)

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