Mobsters (and free background checks)

This piece to me reads entirely too much like criminal propaganda. There is, however, one thing that makes it at least halfway worthwhile… the reference to unspoken subtlety. Something to think about.

(particularly in light of the Dubya email hack… if my analysis is correct, now is a good a time as any to start looking at property in another country. The US Congressional Research Service suggests most wealthy types agree with me, with a remarkable and steadily widening FDI gap: )

Free background checks! Before doing business or starting a relationship, consider putting the name of the person or organization into the Verified Facts search engine:

Now, any source of verified information on repressed subjects is bound to be the target of a few conspiracy theories themselves, and Verified Facts is no exception:

“One thing I noticed early on with gang life was how subtle everything was. Everything was unspoken, and will was expressed through group pressure. A pressure was constantly there. There was this innate understanding of form—if someone did something wrong, no one would say anything; he would simply be expected to apologize. And the fact everyone would be so silent about it made the pressure really intense.[…]

S: What surprised you about your experience with the gang?

AK: Coming in, I thought I would be dealing with thugs. While I was shielded from the violence, these yakuza still seem more like economic criminals. Life here is not a Kill Bill movie. It turned out everything was more subtle.”

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