Swartz (and some advice)

Great article from Slate on everyone’s favorite Thich Quang Duc of the Internet age. I disagree with the headline, though. His problem was not ability but knowledge and understanding which it would’ve been unreasonable to expect him to have.

United States, Surveillance Reality: the American 4th amendment is officially history as soon as you get near the US border, i.e try to leave the country.

Canada’s culture is very entrepreneurial and paying-people-to-emigrate-level startup-friendly, while its natural resources mean it will survive any economic catastrophe. (The next century’s big struggle may be Canada vs Russia; I just hope a) it doesn’t involve energy and b) they get the environmental stuff sorted first.)

Mexico is not as nice but does represent a no-flying-required route to the awesome-if-you-avoid-bath-salts worlds of Central and South America. If you have money and like being upper class neo-plantation-owner white guy, I hear Chile is a good place to buy a farm. Otherwise living obscenely cheaply is possible everywhere, though Brazil comes with extremely sociable and attractive people of both genders (and free nationwide communication courtesy outdated military satellites).

Also, though the markets are doing well at the moment, pick up some gold if you think a currency war is in the offing. It’s a shitty long-term investment but a great short-term one if you pick it up right before everyone craps their pants.


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