The Privacy of Stored Email (and more psychology/mysticism/symbolism)

…doesn’t exist, at least at Hahvahd.

School officials get peeved about a leak, start searching people’s Harvard-stored email.

In possible contravention of their own policy, too. “News of the incident could nonetheless anger Harvard faculty members, whose privacy in electronic records is protected under a Faculty of Arts and Sciences policy.”

Psychology / mysticism / symbolism / rituals / what have you: Have a vaguely hilarious documentary about the intersection of African juju-religion with Internet scams:

On the basis that the spirit world is “morally neutral” and happy to help as long as they get paid in things like menstrual blood (not kidding), Ghanian internet scammers (“sakawa boys”) have incorporated the appropriate religious ceremonies into their criminal activities. Choice quote: “We are very serious. If you did not do juju, I believe you would not get a penny.”

“Harvard University central administrators secretly searched the email accounts of 16 resident deans last fall, looking for a leak to the media about the school’s sprawling cheating case, according to several Harvard officials interviewed by the Globe.

The resident deans sit on Harvard’s Administrative Board, the committee charged with handling the cheating case. They were not warned that administrators planned to access their accounts, and only one was told of the search shortly afterward.

The dean who was informed had forwarded a confidential Administrative Board message to a student he was advising, not realizing it would ultimately make its way to the Harvard Crimson and the Globe and fuel the campus controversy over the cheating scandal. “

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