The Anti-Pickpocketing Wallet Hack (and theorizing on life, art, and quantum stuff I don’t understand)

Here’s one to further enlarge those wallets: having realized that pickpockets are scarily good at pulling stuff out of most any pocket —
and not being willing to go down the recommended route of stuffing it in his underwear* — one of the Hackaday guys built a magnetically triggered wallet alarm.

Pull the wallet from his pocket without disarming it via a switch, and the wallet screams bloody murder.

Hopefully he’ll get in the habit of remembering to disarm it when it’s time to pay for something. Then again, the wallet has a way of teaching that habit…

* well, sewing in a crotch pocket and stuffing it there

Theorizing: High-end audio is strange field of very exotic engineering, a field that attracts a lot of skeptical squinting from hard-nosed engineers… “how can you possibly hear a difference?”

My travels on the Internet recently brought me to a page on fine wine, talking about being able to taste leather and black cherry in a glass of the stuff.

If you take any modern art (stuffed sharks, or especially modern “beauty in the banal” photography), some people get it instantly and rather a lot don’t. Often loudly and to high auction prices in the former case.

Now, there’s a vague concept that’s been floating around my mind for the past few weeks — the idea that, thanks to physics I still don’t fully understand, things in the real world might also have a “resource fork”** to which can be attached a sort of metadata. Persinger hinted at this very clearly in the “No More Secrets” video of a little while back.

What if — and this is just a theory — the connection between the golden-eared high-end audiophile, the ability to taste notes in wine that really should’ve been squished out by the unwashed feet of the vintner, and the ineffable value of modern art lies in that “metadata?”

In other words, might it be that what people pay for in all those cases is not the physical product, but the elegant galactic-resource-fork hacking that the manufacturer/maker/artist did as part of creating it?


“Recently there were a bunch of videos going around the net about some of the greatest pickpockets in the world. Simply put, if they wanted something you had, they were going to take it and you probably wouldn’t notice. I’ve always kept my wallet in my front pocket, and usually with my hand on it, but they even showed them getting around that in the video (you can’t always be vigilant).

I had the idea to make some kind of alarm that would go off if anyone but me removed the wallet from my pocket. A quick google search revealed tons of wallet alarms, but I noticed that they all had a credit card form factor(that’s good) and would make noise when exposed to light(that’s bad). This represents a problem since the pickpockets in the videos tended not to open the wallets till later at another location. I needed something that would make noise as it was removed from my pocket. Most importantly, I needed the alarm to be located inside the wallet. This immediately makes the wallet undesirable and will hopefully make someone drop it like hot coals.”

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