Brazilian Doctors Faking Biometrics (and some Grillo quotes)

We’re all familiar with Brazilian truckers, loggers, drug runners, bored teenagers, and anyone else who doesn’t want to pay a cell phone bill jerry-rigging their radios to take advantage of other countries’ military satellites for country-wide communication. (There’ve been a few Brazilian immigrants getting arrested for “you mean I can’t do that here to talk to my friends in Brazil? Why not?!”)

Now some doctors there are getting into the act, re-purposing hospital silicone casting (or dental alginate?) material to bypass the local fingerprint time-clock system so their colleagues can skip work. The scam was simple, until they went too far — making fake doctors with friends’ fingers? — and got found out. Doctors created phantom fingers out of silicon material. When they didn’t feel like showing up for work, a co-worker would clock them in.

As far as I can tell, this is something that would apply to most any OPTICAL technology in common use except for some of the wide band / multiband IR systems. (In those cases, the system is looking at sub-dermal structures as well to make sure what’s on the scanner has the sub-skin structure of a living human finger and not a dummy or a dead one.)

This attack would fall down on the various conductive / capacitative systems, as silicone isn’t conductive.

Grillo quotes:

“”Italy is a nation of tricksters. Yesterday I was in Rome. I got on a bus and stamped my ticket: ‘Click. Clack.’ The driver turned round and said: ‘What the fuck’s that noise?!'””

“If we fail, [Italy] is headed for violence in the streets. But if we crumble, then they come. Everything started in Italy. Fascism was born here. The banks were born here. We invented debt. The mafia, us too. Everything started here. If violence doesnt start here, its because of the movement. If we fail, were headed for violence in the street. Half the population cant take it anymore.”

“Five doctors at a Brazilian hospital have been suspended after they were accused of covering for absentee colleagues by using fake silicone fingers with their prints to fool biometric machines.

Globo television showed footage of a doctor touching her finger to the device, then using two fake digits to do the same for colleagues, and taking delivery of slips of paper indicating they had in fact clocked in to work.”

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