The Locked Safe Phenomenon (and lifehacking: lights, eschatology: is there any gold left?)

Safecracking is the “new hot thing” over at Reddit. The phenomena of people finding old safes and wondering what was in them apparently hits a nerve… a guy started a thread about a vault he found in the basement of a “former drug house,” and people loved the mystery. Loved it to the degree it now has a subreddit with 77,000 people and mentions in the US national news(!).

The mystique and mystery of a locked safe has a long and storied history of inspiring clever people to do interesting things:

Lifehacking: Lights… I like cool tricks with lights. This is insane, and probably has lifehacking implications: it shows really weird ways the right kind of light can affect the brain, and I suspect if you can figure out why this works you can use it for other things as well.

Eschatology: Gold may be a better hedge than I thought.

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