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Kenyan Cops Say Fake Bomb Finders Aren’t

Continuing the saga of the $20 dowsing-rod golf ball finders sold as 27,000 UKP bomb detectors… the Nairobi police say theirs work just fine thankyouverymuch. As well as putting on public demo of the mil-spec dowsing rods finding narcotics, the Nairobi chief of police is telling press the gadgets are responsible for a notable lack […]

Serial Ports Flawed (and lifehacking, OVH, Skype)

Public service announcements– Lifehacking: I’m still reading it & haven’t yet checked it’s (often incredible) claims, but if you’re interested in “lifehacking” as described here then “Supermemory” is a must — MUST — read. It has a long bibliography so you can check sources before deciding what to believe. ( OVH: If you or someone […]

Psychopaths Enjoy Seeing Others Hurt? (and lifehacking: left versus right brain)

Some research hints at a very low level link between psychopathy and (non-sexual) sadism… only nobody writing about it seems to acknowledge this, so I’m not sure if I’m reading too much into it. Anyone with more expertise, feel free to let me know. To sum up: Researchers showed some jailed psychopaths images of other […]

More on Browser Hosts Files: APK’s List (and eschatology: what if…?)

Slashdot comment spam delivers? I’ve become increasingly unhappy with the MalwareBytes / web browser anti-tracking solution I suggested a while back. While hosts file-based blocking is great, they don’t block a number of trackers that I would like them to… and do block an awful lot of websites that I’d actually like to use […]

How Not to Install an ATM Skimmer

Guy installs drivethrough ATM skimmer. Customer pulls up to use drivethrough ATM, inserts card, and removes said card… with a big chunk of ATM-grey plastic attached. Skimmer scammer strolls up to salvage the surfeit stuff and scrams. Back to the drawing board… Krebs proceeds to point out the proliferation of ATM skimmer scams, extrapolating from […]

DIY Quantum Communication

If you missed this in the chaos of last week, here’s something worth paying attention to. Dr. Michael Persinger has demonstrated what looks like a fairly easy-to-reproduce method of communicating using quantum entanglement. In other words, a way of transmitting a signal from point A to point B without anything passing through the intervening space. […]

The Psychology of Password Managers (and eschatology: “panic” gold buying)

Interesting thoughts on a psychological security vulnerability associated with trying to protect all your passwords with one password… there’s a huge dis-incentive to change the “master” password in case you forget it! I’m not a huge fan of the “password manager” concept in general. a) Right, let’s store all the important critical data in one […]