Krebs Tracks Down Flashback Worm Creator (and lifehacking/brainhacking, Bitcoin)

“Another Krebs story.”

The Peter Parker of the Internet Underground lives up to the name again, this time exposing a 30-year-old Russian from Saransk, Russia. The lynchpin of Krebs’ indictment is a screenshot of a Russian forum private message conversation in which one Mavook (aka Maxim Selikhanovich?) claims to be the author of the Flashback botnet that infected so many Macs using the Java exploits we heard so much about.

Krebs refuses to describe how he got access to the private chats.

Amusing quote from the comments: “The Internet is basically a peacetime playground for the kind of arrogant young males who, in past centuries, would have been willing cannon-fodder for the army.”

Lifehacking / Brainhacking: it looks like a British white van driver found out the powerful effects of isochronic tone brain wave entrainment… the hard way. He got pulled over and charged with “driving under the influence” after he got “intoxicated” by the drum and bass beats from his stereo:

Bitcoin: I’m neither a cryptographer nor a patent attorney, but I was poking into the history of the Internet’s new favorite currency and noticed something interesting… a patent may have been filed for it just days before someone registered the initial domain:

Anyone have a perspective on whether this is, in fact, the case?

What might the implications be of three men (one from the US and two from Munich) having a patent (the possible implications of which a search suggests nobody’s noticed) on the technology at the heart of a 1 billion USD market?

“O’zapft is!”

“Mavook asks the other member to get him an invitation to Darkode, and Mavook is instructed to come up with a brief bio stating his accomplishments, and to select a nickname to use on the forum if he’s invited. Mavook replies that the Darkode nick should be not be easily tied back to his BlackSEO persona, and suggests the nickname “Macbook.” He also states that he is the “Creator of Flashback botnet for Macs,” and that he specializes in “finding exploits and creating bots.”[…]

If we take a closer look at Mavook’s profile page on, we can see that he is a longtime member, dating back to 2005, when he was the 24th member registered on BlackSEO (out of thousands). Mavook’s profile also shows that his personal home page was at one time The WHOIS registration records for have long been hidden by commercial WHOIS privacy protection services, but I found the original WHOIS record for this domain using the indispensable historic WHOIS service maintained by Those records show that the domain was originally registered in 2005 by a Maxim Selikhanovich in Saransk, the capital city in Mordovia, a republic in the eastern region of the East European Plain of Russia.”

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