Iranians Invent Time Machine (and Bitcoin/Zerocoin)

From the “umm, wtf” department:

An Iranian scientist claims to have invented a time machine, or at least a machine that predicts the future. Poorly translated news reports may indicate he’s funding his lab by speculating on foreign exchange markets with the predictions. The original story has since been pulled by Iran’s state-run outlet Fars, but a cached version and a more in-depth interview with the guy — he seems to be entirely serious —
are still available. The Register and Russia Today have both picked up the story.

The Iranians seem to have a rich tradition of “out of the box” scientific thinking:

On the off chance this story is true, I’ll leave you all to come up with the ramifications for crypto and security in general.

Speaking of crypto, someone’s come up with a way of making Bitcoin anonymous:

Travel to the future through a time machine of Persia

An Iranian scholar managed to build a time machine to predict events in the future. Fars News Agency: a trip to the future through a time machine of Persia

A. strategic guidance Center administrator razeghi inventors and innovators in the country and the nation’s patent registration recordar 179, in an interview with a reporter, the FARs news agency said the University group, the time machine is a device that predicts the future for humans, a researcher.

He added: the time machine is a device the size of a PC chassis that can be all the information people for 5 to 8 next year predict.

This is an Iranian inventor continued: this device, specifics such as the age of marriage, number of children, education, occupation, war, disease, and so on with a 98% accuracy and reliability tests, and it is also echoed on the currency price.

Razeghi said: this plan is not the nasal floor and not fall but also on the basis of the scientific and physical stanadat that made this year to the record and the need to fix a lot of today’s human society.

He said: the American country in nearly half a century who is looking for this technology, for example in the past 4 years to achieve such a technology will cost more than $ 10 billion annually is spent but Iran could only spend 400 to 500 thousand USD to make the time machine.

According to him, over 8 years of study to do this project.

End of message/

Iranian inventor time machine: “Einstein” and “Newton” personal problem!
News Analysis site selection (Entekhab. ir): “trip to the future through a time machine of Persia. This was news that March 17 as the FARs News Agency on its output. In this conversation with the news that someone had it as “recorddar patent in the country was registered with the iconic” plan 180. The person said an interview with the news of the claimed money spent 500 and making a device the size of a computer chassis, the future of the people for the next five to eight years with 98 accuracy and make predictions. This news, of course, a little later, the Agency was removed from the output, but at the same time on social networks and other media reflection a lot.

For more details of this pursuit 500 time machine, went to mukhterash. 27 years and is named “Ali razeghi. He guided the head of his “strategic Center for inventors and innovators in the country”. This interview was conducted in his office premises, Office work that he says his income arising from cost projections the same device. He called this a “time machine” Aria. Of course this is a time machine with the idea that we have of the time machine, is different.

This is a small device you don’t take to the past or future, but the future with predictions, bring unto you; of course device inventor, razeghi, Ali says that the construction of the car when its human journey into the future with the good progress of the project and also have started, but the main problem is not the way to restore the time travelers, the present time is not found. He says that I knew this plan sound like a ball and a “news bombs I call with different places and talk to security. Our security of supply Johnny who? All were ridiculous, I say nezdm. But after it happened, and little by little this Easter I mantezrm that I have elsemented and can I say about 9 is that this plan is to be examined in earnest; of course I check only the first three years. Even I got checked to see whether it is doable? Unforgettable? Got plenty of study business information wanted and this was inconvenient for me, but when the time came the first test, was painful.

That is your experiment failed?
no. I had done that I, computing true and unfortunately one of our loved ones died. In the second step, we open the same experiment that happened. I anticipate the death of these people. These forecasts was the occurrence of events according to the average of the time 98. I cannot give the exact time. Forecast was right, but the exact time appropriately.

The invention of the time machine in the kjaha you’ve recorded?
Strategic guidance Center for inventors and initiatives, which is supposed to be an extension of the country, of course, if the Interior Ministry give permission.

So central that you are managing yourself?

Tell us about the process of making zamantan machine, where to start and how to proceed in the limit?
See we do almost everything involved in this knew we talk and enter everything but the details about it can not explain. [In response to the insistence of tells us if more explanation about the technology of tomorrow, China began to produce Chinese time machine and so can not give any explanation about it.]

You have completed the 500 device with the result?
This 500 400 the cost of mass production of this product. We want to offer this product to the community. The cost of all its for me much more than this. Except when you’ve shared it. So my first thought was busy and it’s 9, 10 years, was not a good year.

The time machine is exactly what is supposed to work?
This time machine come up five years of your life

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