Kenyan Cops Say Fake Bomb Finders Aren’t

Continuing the saga of the $20 dowsing-rod golf ball finders sold as 27,000 UKP bomb detectors… the Nairobi police say theirs work just fine thankyouverymuch.

As well as putting on public demo of the mil-spec dowsing rods finding narcotics, the Nairobi chief of police is telling press the gadgets are responsible for a notable lack of recent grenade attacks.

It’s not clear whether the dowsing cops actually found would-be grenadiers with their rods, or whether the cops’ long swinging tools just scared off the Somali terrorists.

No mention of whether the cops have tried testing the effectiveness with no card inserted instead of the usual “explosives” or “narcotics” one.

(or making their own cards, lots of possibilities here: “unpaid traffic ticket,” “shop with lowest prices on beer…”)

“Police in Kenya have sought to reassure the public that their bomb and drug detectors work, after the conviction of a British man for selling fake devices.

They carried out a public demonstration in the capital, Nairobi, in which the detector seemingly located narcotics.[…]

Nairobi police chief Benson Githinji told reporters:

“Let me assure Nairobians, the machines in use are serviceable and don’t fall short… They are in operation and they work.”

He said that one of the reasons why there had not been a successful grenade attack in Nairobi recently was because of the machines.

There had been a spate of such attacks since Kenya sent troops into neighbouring Somalia in October 2011 to tackle the al-Shabab militant group.”

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