Burglars Using GPS Trackers On Their Victims

Security gets a lot harder when they’re going after you personally, especially if you don’t notice it.

It seems burglars going after big hauls have taken to slapping GPS trackers on the vehicles owned by people that live in the target house. Not only does this let them build up a movement profile (“what time of day / day of week is everyone most likely to be away?”) but it’s a very handy tool for making sure nobody comes home unexpectedly.

Not surprisingly, the burglars in this case also disabled the alarm system. Going by the article, I’m guessing they just pulled the telephone line. At that point, there’s enough time (30 seconds or so) to find the alarm controller inside the house and trash it… or just yank the siren off the wall outside the house.

Defenses: public transportation for the win. Tracking is still possible, but the costs and risks just went up a solid two orders of magnitude.

As for the alarm system, somewhere there’s a wonderful story about a jeweler who had a healthy distrust of alarm companies and their installers. As well as two separate alarms from two separate alarm companies, the jeweler had an electronics-knowledgeable friend tie in a radio transmitter that would trigger a police call and pre-recorded message from an apartment across the street.

When the burglars hit, neither of the two alarm systems so much as made a peep, but the cops got the call and caught the crooks red-handed.


“The victim of a recent Overland Park home burglary thinks the thieves employed GPS technology so they could tell when she wasn’t home.

The woman, who owns an area jewelry business, said that after the burglary in March, GPS tracking devices were discovered on her vehicle and one owned by her son.[…]

On the day the woman’s home in the 13800 block of Horton Drive was burglarized, her alarm system went offline about 2 p.m. for an unknown reason, she said.

A neighbor also had noticed that about the same time a truck pulling a trailer pulled up to the house and then backed into the driveway.

“I came home about 5:30 p.m.,” said the woman, whose house has been undergoing remodeling and construction. “I had been storing things in the garage and when I walked in the garage, it was like a war zone.”

Glaze is accused of stealing more than $100,000 in jewelry, purses, wallets, luggage, coins and fur coats from the woman, although she said her loss is closer to $300,000.”

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