When Students Phish Teachers

Kids want administrative access to the laptops they were issued at school. How to do it? Put up a fake phishing login screen that mimics a usual request-for-password.

When I say “kids,” of course, I’m referring to middle school age kids. A group of 18 of them. Considering the sophistication involved, it’s actually pretty impressive. Even more impressive is the reaction of the administrators. “Kids are being kids” was the word of the principal.

“Back in the day” — remember FREE KEVIN? — there probably would have been a SWAT team.


“Students at a Ketchikan middle school tricked their teachers to gain administrative access to school-owned laptops, school officials said.

The Ketchikan Daily News reports at least 18 students at Schoenbar Middle School were involved in the scheme.

Students fooled teachers by asking them to enter account information to update their computer’s software, which they regularly do. Teachers were presented with a display that looked “exactly like” it does when prompted for a software update, but instead it was a request for administrative access, according to district technology supervisor Jurgen Johannsen.[…]

“Kids are being kids,” Robinson said, adding that he was surprised something like this had not already occurred. “They’re going to try to do what they try to do. This time we found out about it.”

School officials said the servers and sensitive information were not touched, and the district is not concerned that students gained access to things like records or grades.”

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