How Inmates “Turn” Jailers: Downing a Duck (and eschatology: police states)

A first-hand narrative from a prisoner skilled in the art of “turning” his jailers so they’d work for him, bringing in drugs, money, booze, and other contraband.

This is a must-read for anyone who’d like to defend themselves against sophisticated, medium-to-long-term social engineering attacks.*

The observations and patterns here apply everywhere in life…

* Or perpetrate them, but seriously, don’t.

Eschatology: a while back I said something along the lines of, “when the turnkey surveillance state has its key turned, some of you may want to be somewhere else.”

It looks like said key has begun to twist.

An unsolved knife murder is now all that’s needed over there for city-wide lockdowns and “what warrant” house to house searches (

Not only is all electronic communication — everyone reports this as “phone calls,” but assume texts, emails, etc too — being recorded and stored until the apocalypse, but they’re running automated “lie detector” voice stress analysis against it too:

So much for VSA being a “fraud.”

(linked to so y’all don’t end up in random government logs)

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