Reddit Safecracking: Robots and Ex-Cons (and lifehacking science)

Reddit’s amateur safecrackers have gotten serious. One is building an autodialer for S&G 8500 (!) style locks, in the vein of the robot Kyle Vogt & Grant Jordan et al premiered two years ago (

I suspect we’ll see a DIY Soft-Drill within six months.

The relevant subreddit is also now hosting an interview with an “alleged” ex-commercial burglar who specialized in the rough-and-random side of safecracking. It’s kind of a sorry state of affairs when the guy could make a “living” by preying on fire safes. (“Just smash the keypad area with blunt objects until they fall in.”)

In other news, fire safes won’t protect you against burglars.

Lifehacking science: I mentioned in the “blatant advertising mind control” post that ultrasound may be psychoactive. New research suggests that ultrasound up to 8MHz does indeed affect mood —

Also, the Earth’s center is out of sync with the Earth’s rotation, and it the core’s turning has dramatically accelerated in the last few years. This seems highly relevant, since the Earth’s core generates the planet’s magnetic field… and ample research (particularly the oft-cited Drs Ludwig and Persinger) shows people are enormously responsive to subtle magnetic fields. As one author put it, if the earth’s field turned off, we’d all be dead within the fortnight.

“Most fire safes you can literally just smash the keypad area with blunt objects until they fall in. It’s surprising how easily this works.

Burglary safes are incredibly hard to get in to and can take hours of pounding/prying/cutting and still not always give you access.

If anyone has any other safe related questions, I’m more than willing to share alleged expertise.”

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