3D Printing House Keys, Revisited (and bitcoin, scientific papers)

3D printing keys to pin tumbler locks is getting more popular. With no knowledge of locks, a reasonably sharp guy managed to print a key for his house lock. This is not new at all — the author just replicated work that had been previously done. (And in the process found the original published code didn’t work out of the box.) But it’s a pretty good bellwether: key control by patent keyways is, depending on which Brit you ask, either just resting or thoroughly tits-up.

Certainly there’s still a market for the EzEntrie. Keys made like this won’t last, and the precision attainable by consumer 3D printers is probably not good enough for high security lock tolerances. But for experimental work, defeating master section systems, and Matt Blaze master key attacks, it’s quite clear where things are going.

Bitcoin: China’s government has officially approved Bitcoin, airing a pro-cryptocurrency documentary on crazy-architecture-loving state broadcaster CCTV. Bitcoin downloads from the capitalist Communist country have already gone through the roof. Reason to be bullish on Bitcoin, I think. http://www.thegenesisblock.com/bitcoin-the-newest-tool-in-chinas-currency-war-chest/

Scientific papers: I mentioned the cold fusion cold war breaking out in the blogosphere… a new startup called PubPeer is offering a comments section for (in theory) every scientific paper ever, so you can check out what others think before you drink the peer-reviewed kool aid. They’ve already scored semi-big, noting that the recent human cloning paper uses duplicate graphics. http://pubpeer.com/about


“I had the idea to duplicate some house keys on my Makerbot Thing-O-Matic 3D printer after seeing a post about in on thingiverse here.

So after messing around with the script for a while i couldnt really get it to work so i decided to just make a script from scratch to improve my SCAD skills. (SCAD is like a programing language for creating parametric 3d CAD objects)[…]

In total i did this entire project in just a few hours, its scary how simple many of these keys are in design. I would estimate that i could duplicate high security keys in a similar time and my printer has the accuracy. Sure some of these high security keys are very difficult to pick but if all it takes is visual inspection of a key to breach a lock then this presents a problem for people who wish to keep things behind locked doors.”

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