Crowdfunding a Bank Heist (and quantum entanglement)

You gotta admire the cojones of this guy. Not only does he get funding from an art residency program to spend a year interviewing and persuading a number of police departments and security experts to help him plan a theoretically perfect bank robbery, he proceeds to announce that he’s going to publish the grand master plan in the guise of an art exhibition in Portugal — and turns to Kickstarter to fund the whole thing.

Quantum entanglement: “Spooky action at a distance” appears to be not just possible, but actively common in large systems. While this would initially seem to have very interesting implications for the biophotonics folks, these being quantum physics scales means that “large systems” still means the scientists only considered systems of circa 1000 particles.

“The exhibition of the work will be presented to the audience as a police investigation, detailing the remaining evidential material after the event has taken place, something that could be argued or challenged as material (evidence) in a court of law. The work itself will take form as sculptures, architectural models, technical drawings, films and photography. It will open as a solo exhibition (Special Project) at the Lisbon Architecture Triennale opening from Sep 12th – Dec 15th 2013.[…]

The first stages of work consisted the devouring of academic materials, context examinations and discussions with a variety of experts within the field of ‘heist’ crime. From Police commissioners, forensic scientists to criminal attorneys. I also broadened the research to look at a more diverse source of experts that could offer knowledge to serve as ‘accomplices’ to the project. Experts in fields ranging from security camera manufacturers, magicians, escape artists and vault crackers to demolitions experts, dog trainers and private investigators.

The latter stage of research took place in Los Angeles where by took part in advisory training simulations with the LAPD. This took place at the Los Angeles Police Academy, just East of Hollywood. The objective being to determine how police might respond to a robbery situation with recordings of response time, policy procedures, vehicle handling, civilian control and hostage negotiation. “

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