(Offtopic) Physics: A Rant About Shit That Spins (including quantum entanglement)

So, I was reading about the Iron Man space-skydiving suit, and I noticed it incorporates gyroscopes to stop the whole thing spinning out of control. Because when you’re falling through PURE SPACE, waving your hands about or other skydiver tricks isn’t going to do jack.

Yet here we have a humble gyroscope and it does the trick. By sheer virtue of spinning really fast, it’s almost as if it can hook into the fabric of the universe, plant its feet, and say, “whoa there buddy, you’re not going anywhere.”

Yes, I know, it’s all the magic of momentum and angular velocity. Spin it fast enough, and trying to change the direction in which the axis is pointing means you need to accelerate the mass, and F being equal to ma, that creates an equal and opposite force…

But still. An equal and opposite force… in the middle of absolutely nothing? How absurdly cool is that?

Now I also happened to find this link about quantum entanglement, which shows some REAL LIVE HOT SEXY PHOTONS XXX twirling about a pico-scale stripper pole because their entangled partners elsewhere in the lab are doing the same thing. Seriously, it’s like a live quantum physics sex show, except on the metaphorical level and guaranteed safe for work. You should watch it. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2013/05/30/watch_entanglement_in_real_time/


Spinning stuff does insane stuff on big scales too. Y’all remember the recent F5 tornado over there? Here we’ve got nothing but spinning air, yet it’s capable of — or so the rumors say — sending bricks through three or four walls and some metal siding to boot, with the bricks in question emerging from the ordeal with nary a scratch. Same goes for wood splinters and concrete blocks, or whatever your favorite tornado damage story du jour happens to be.

I won’t even get started on Schauberger and his vortexes. Travel around Europe (Göttingen, among others) and you’ll occasionally see neat little plexiglas waterfilled columns with hand cranks, where you too can experience the wonder of a water tornado first hand.

(Travel the Internet and you’ll occasionally see neat little plexiglas web pages filled with theories about Schauberger time travel UFO Tesla free energy anti gravity… where was I?)

Right, spinning stuff.

There’s even a cultural connection. One of the symbols of the revolution in Eisenstein’s “October?”* Spinning bicycle wheels. Buddhist monks? Prayer wheels, as some have well noticed. Same goes for the West: gyroscopic stabilization with a motor attached is the defining symbol of freedom for the world’s motorcycle gangs.

(Heist movie connoisseurs: “Round, like a circle in a spiral / Like a wheel within a wheel / Never ending or beginning / On an ever spinning wheel”)

* Possibly “Battleship Potemkin,” I’m a bit rusty on my propaganda.

So what is it, this strange magic that happens when shit decides to go round and round?

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