The Airplane Toilet Heist (also, Cannes heist update)

I’ve heard of people smuggling drugs behind airplane toilet walls, but accessing the cargo hold and stealing $200k? That’s a new one. Back in 2011, a security guard stashed the money in the hold of a turboprop, then got in satisfied nobody would be able to reach the money until they touched down (when he’d pull the money out).

Things didn’t quite work out that way. They touched down, and $200k of the $1.6 million worth of cash in transit was mysteriously gone. The likely culprit? A man who’d spent the whole flight in the lavatory, evidently removing the wall paneling in order to access the cargo hold.

Come landing, the man’s female companion asked for an ambulance to the guy (who was “feeling ill”) only for him to decide he was fine once the ambulance got there… but not before he’d been allowed to bypass exit security screening.

Cannes heist update: Looks like it was an inside job, and the crooks just ripped the hotel in-room safe from the wall. Guess they forgot their paperclips at home that day.

“A airplane passenger stole $238,000 during a flight in the Caribbean by sneaking into the cargo hold that was loaded with cash through the bathroom.

The unnamed man complained of feeling unwell at the start of the flight and spent most of it in the bathroom.

He was, in fact, removing panels separating the toilet and the cargo hold, according to reports.

A Brink’s security employee had placed three sacks of cash containing a total $1.6million in the hold of the Air Antilles plane before it took off from the French island of Guadeloupe, Fox News reported.

The security guard took his seat on the ATR-42 turboprop plane to enjoy the flight.

Bbut when the flight landed on the Franco-Dutch island of Saint Martin 40 minutes later it was discovered that $238,000 was missing.

Shortly before landing, the alleged thief, who was accompanied by a woman who appeared concerned about his health, asked a flight attendant for an ambulance to meet him on the tarmac, witnesses said.

When the ambulance arrived, the man said he felt suddenly better and managed to walk out of the airport without having to go through the normal security checks, police said.

The woman traveling with him was questioned in the baggage arrival hall but did not have any of the missing money.”

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