Security and Human Behavior 2013 (and RF, lasers, unsurprising eschatology)

The liveblogs are out from the most recent Security and Human Behavior workshop. As always, highly recommended reading. Some very sharp minds looking at the intersection of security and human nature here: the conference covered everything from the value of word choice to the intersection of security systems and fire departments…

Choice quotes:

“The first question was whether crime pays. It does, but it’s hard work; lots of people try it who are no good at it.”

“He began by discussing how companies have been selling cell phone interception equipment to law enforcement.

In the past the cost of this equipment was $50,000 and the sales were only to western government. Now these technologies are cheaper (~$5000) and are being sold to everyone.

This has become a huge problems in countries like India, where the telephone calls of the prime minister have been snooped on.

Some of the latest regulation is making it illegal for individuals to build devices that can detect surveillance.”

RF: One for the radio geeks, AD releases a 3 terminal “gain block” that provides +17/24dB from 30MHz to 6GHz. Check the noise specs, but this could be a great addition to your pocket spectrum analyzer of choice.

Lasers: It seems there’s a way to transmit data using lasers… as if that data was never sent in the first place. WTF? Now that’s what I call data security. Photons are awesome.

Eschatology: I believe I mentioned something about “the turnkey surveillance state having its key turned” a while back. Startup idea: design a cell phone that uses lasers in an EME or cloudbounce mode to do the data-never-existed thing.

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