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Android Sends the NSA Your Passwords (and NSA roundup, Appelbaum seeks asylum in Germany?!)

Quote of the day: “Encryption helps against dragnet-style surveillance.[…] It provides only a minimum of security [against targeted attack].” –Appelbaum, more on this later Android cointains a default-on “back up my data to Google” option, which, it’s been known for some time, also includes the plaintext versions of your WiFi passwords. Being that we now […]

How Brian Krebs Buys Heroin (and lifehacking: cell phones)

“Guys, it became known recently that Brian Krebs is a heroin addict and he desperately needs the smack, so we have started the “Helping Brian Fund”, and shortly we will create a bitcoin wallet called “Drugs for Krebs” which we will use to buy him the purest heroin on the Silk Road.” Krebs, as a […]

Intel Chips Backdoored? (and quantum physics and game theory)

One that emerged a while back, and I’ve been waiting for a conclusion that hasn’t emerged. So have a summary of the incomplete state. Roughly, semi-circumstantial evidence and/or rumor has emerged that: a) Intel’s hardware random number generator is backdoored — with the already discussed horrible security implications — and Linus Torvalds maybe possibly decreed […]

How to Spot an Informant

Just in time for those of you heading off to the “newly Fed-free” conference in the dunes. (When “Spot the Fed” rolls around, remember to tag the conference organizer! Someone should make him a “designated Fed” shirt.) The Crimethinc anarchist collective put together a 10-point checklist for spotting the common police informant and/or agent provocateur. […]

How Experts Pick Passwords (And implant hacker Barnaby Jack is dead)

One (Grossman) uses a plain-text file, kept in an encrypted disk image on a physically separate USB key, generating passwords as needed by mashing the keyboard. Two (Goldberg and Schneier) use the respective password managers they helped write to store passwords, while one (Gosney) uses LastPass. (Schneier also recommends using pen-and-paper in a secure location […]

Human Nature (and a 100GHz ‘scope)

This is not a security article in the conventional sense. Still, it’s an extremely educational look at a somewhat darker side of human nature… the strangely symbiotic relationship of mutual exploitation that arises in the Odessa “mail-order bride” scene. In a nutshell, men looking to do a bit of romantic arbitrage in Eastern Europe find […]

DIY Quick & Dirty IMSI Catcher (and Snowden/Russian psychology)

Researchers figured out how to turn a Verizon cell network extender into a quick & dirty IMSI catcher — a device that lets you intercept traffic from all cell phones in range. In this case, the hardware is so small and portable you can fit it into a backpack. Snowden & Russian psychology: Snowden’s Russian […]