The Psycho Ex Test (and DEFCON declared a no-fed zone)

This seems like pretty good advice to me. If you want or need to say something privately, go say it in person.

Otherwise, apply the “psycho ex test” to who you associate yourself with electronically and what you do or say. Before you type, ask yourself, “how could a psycho ex use this against me?”

This is the unfortunate reality of the big-data world. I’m glad to see startups are shifting away from the app business… and horrified they’re shifting towards big data and machine learning, as applied to anything and everything.

Hopefully the Snowden disclosures will persuade more people not to make their data so available. I read an observation once, about how corporations, executives, and governments went to such trouble to avoid giving away data unnecessarily…

“it’s amazing how those that know what data can be used for, and are so eager in asking it from others, are the ones that are most careful not to give away any of their own.” Or somthing along those lines.

DEFCON’s been declared a no-fed zone. Jeff Moss, DEFCON organizer and himself a fed, has said that feds should avoid this year’s conference. Certainly a welcome change from the government recruiting tables that apparently were in evidence last time.

“Before you send a message to someone and permanently associate yourself with them through the global graph, and before you type information into any electronic device, ask yourself: how could a psycho-ex use this against me?

If you are ever in any kind of legal or political trouble, your data will be examined by someone who is the equivalent of a professional psychotic stalker ex- who is determined to use anything they can find to ruin your life. They will ignore or even hide anything that might exonerate you or that might explain why it is harmless.

Personal cryptography creates a false sense of security and it will make you incriminate yourself . If you think you need cryptography (and you aren’t a hacker who has a deep understanding of the risks) you should just arrange a personal meeting on the phone without any details.

Crypto is a safeguard for things that are other people’s problems, like corporate data and financial info. Do not bet your freedom, your life, or the safety of your friends on things you do not understand. Use the Psycho-Ex test. “

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