Intel Chips Backdoored? (and quantum physics and game theory)

One that emerged a while back, and I’ve been waiting for a conclusion that hasn’t emerged. So have a summary of the incomplete state.

Roughly, semi-circumstantial evidence and/or rumor has emerged that:
a) Intel’s hardware random number generator is backdoored — with the already discussed horrible security implications — and Linus Torvalds maybe possibly decreed Linux use it

b) the Norweigan Scammers’ Alliance may be able to remotely insert a rootkit in the CPU microcode (!) via the BIOS, changing the way the CPU operates. This may have been what Snowden was referring to re: bugging computers remotely.

The former can be defended against by not using Intel’s special feature, the latter with an open source BIOS. Just watch out for root kits hiding in your PCIe ethernet card or whatever.

Quantum physics and game theory: “by bringing quantum mechanics into the game, the researchers showed that players who can use quantum resources, such as entangled quantum particles, can outperform classical players. That is, quantum players achieve better performance than any classical player ever could.” To my eye, this is an argument in favor of “quantum mind”-related theories — evolution dictates advantages tend to be taken advantage of.

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