How Brian Krebs Buys Heroin (and lifehacking: cell phones)

“Guys, it became known recently that Brian Krebs is a heroin addict and he desperately needs the smack, so we have started the “Helping Brian Fund”, and shortly we will create a bitcoin wallet called “Drugs for Krebs” which we will use to buy him the purest heroin on the Silk Road.”

Krebs, as a security expert who’s earned the ire of the Internet underground in many different ways, has seen his fair share of harassement… everything from SWATtings to identity theft to having his cable bill paid in advance — with stolen credit cards.

But this latest attempt taught him the value of a good counterintelligence penetration.

When the above “call for donations” went out on a Russian forum, Krebs already had an account there… so he was able to watch as people pooled money to “fund his addiction”. Before the (probably real) heroin shipped from Chicago, Krebs’ local police force already knew to expect an “anonymous tip” about the drug shipment — and not raid his house.

Furthermore, CS researchers at a few universities helped track the Bitcoin payments in real-time. (Remember kids, Bitcoin means TOTAL TRANSPARENCY… anyone can see your money move!)

It turns out they’ve managed to identify all the Bitcoin wallets used by Silk Road, so they could confirm the exact date when the crooks’ 2 BTC was transferred to the Silk Road account — created by the crooks — named “briankrebs7.”

The heroin arrived on Krebs’ doorstep hidden inside a magazine, delivered by Express Mail, two days ahead of schedule. The police have yet to release test reports on the heroin.

Lifehacking: I feel like I’ve already mentioned this one. If so, whatever, it’s good enough to repeat. In case the privacy benefits aren’t enough for you… try spending at least three consecutive days and nights with no operative cell phone (smart or dumb) on your person or near your body.

Maybe this isn’t possible in certain places full of cell towers… but the first time I tried it, I felt significantly more alive and alert.

Two theories:
a) Not having an electronic device to check means you don’t, so your attention isn’t constantly shifting from the real world to the fake one.

b) Cell phones are broadband RF sources emitting digital pulses at single- and double-digit Hertz pulse rep rates. In other words, right where the brain likes to operate.

There’s a lot of little-known research (some of it Russian, all of it too much to go into here) showing that this could indeed create a brainwave entrainment effect… in other words, instead of “causing cancer,” your cell phone may be jumbling your thinking.

(too much epic lulz to quote)

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