Telepathy-Induced Suicides (with a hacker connection sorta, and ideas)

A cryptographer, two electrical engineers, and a software engineer commit suicide — three of them having entered psychological treatment nearly simultaneously. All are working on a seemingly not-a-big-deal “identify friend or foe” avionics project for the Turkish defense contracter ASELSAN.

The cases are closed as suicides… but then re-opened, by a prosecutor investigating the illegal “Ergenekon” gang’s plot to overthrow the Turkish government.

Not just re-opened, either. The investigation has taken a strange turn. The latest report quotes a Turkish psychologist, Nevzat Tarhan* that the engineers may have been “compelled” to commit suicide using telepathy / telekesis.

* (Tarhan appears to be a legit and fully paid-up member of the psychological mainstream: )

Or, according to the press release on Tarhan’s website, induced to kill themselves using electromagnetic warfare techniques that work “from up to 1.5km away.”

OK, all a bunch of nutjobs, right? Grin and move along…

Well, except for one thing. Or two. Towards the end of last year, there was a very interesting talk at the Chaos Communications Congress in Hamburg. Though the demo didn’t work the first time, at the very end, the presenter very convincingly demonstrated — live and on stage — what appeared to be telepathy.

Not super-accurate telepathy. Not murder-at-a-distance, certainly. But (if you speak German) watching the video is a real head-scratcher.

The presenter, Markus Kompa, is an extremely well-known lawyer in German hacker circles who happens to be a journalist and a magician in his spare time. Whether it’s a trick — it’s possible, he IS a magician and a hacker.

(He’s written very in-depth articles on everything from surveillance scandals to Hitler’s NSA to Uri Geller for the German computer press.)

Still, skepticism for all things “New Age” is widespread among computer hackers… and the tone of the presentation is not one that would lend itself to “ha ha only kidding” and keeping his image intact.

At the end — after he succeeds quite visibly — Kompa quips “perhaps we’ll see more research emerge on the subject of ‘Wireless Security.'” Perhaps we will indeed.

I’ve cited the work of one Dr. Persinger many times… not only has Persinger *objectively* demonstrated a very crude form of telepathy in the lab (visible EEG changes despite all possible isolation), but he’s gone and shown telepathy in single celled organisms.

Still not enough? One of Persinger’s latest papers showed it between two inanimate petri dishes full of chemiluminescent goo (provided they’re surrounded by a certain kind of magnetic field). (doi:10.4236/jbpc.2012.31009)

This all does beg one very big question. If the “murder-by-telepathy” story has earned itself a rating of “plausible… maybe” — that’s a problem. How in hell do you defend against telepathy?!

Anyone who so much as thinks of mentioning anything about Dion Fortune, please to be including citations from peer-reviewed journals.

“A report the Inspection Board of the Prime Ministry has recently completed on the mysterious deaths of some engineers working for a Turkish defense industry giant, ASELSAN, maintains that the young engineers may have been driven to commit suicide after being exposed to telepathic attacks aimed at destroying them psychologically.[…]

The Inspection Board examined almost everything, from the projects the four engineers worked on to the victims’ family life, psychological treatment they were receiving, trips abroad and files prepared by the prosecutor’s office. Members of the Inspection Board also talked with the families, the psychologists of the victims and with experts in telepathy.

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