(Offtopic) Lifehacking – Mind-to-Mind Entanglement after 8 hours’ contact

After two people spent just 8 hours in close contact, Michael Persinger & co were able to demonstrate quantum entanglement effects between their minds. Key was the “sender’s” mind being enclosed in a specific rotating magnetic field configuration.

Not only did the “receiving” person have visible changes in their EEG, they reported unusually intense (subjectively experienced) sensed presences, anger, and sexual arousal.

Practical application? Who knows. Sounds like an interesting thing to try. But I can’t help but think of the 9 hours of close contact a certain Brazilian gentlemen just experienced with some of the British security apparatus’ best-trained minds, for whom a few magnetic coils would be easy to come by and remote influence a highly-prized goal.

(caveat: I haven’t finished reading the paper, so my understanding may not be complete.)

For those of you playing the home game, go to Dr. Persinger’s publications page and grab a copy of the following–

2008 – Persinger, Tsang, Booth & Koren – NeuroQuantology – Enhanced power within a predicted narrow band of theta activity.pdf

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