(offtopic) GCHQ forces destruction of Snowden data

This one emerged after I wrote last… it turns out GCHQ and other “shadowy Whitehall figures” forced the Guardian to literally shred the hard drives of data that Snowden had handed over, saying “You’ve had your debate. There’s no need to write any more.”[1]

The data is of course still floating around, so it’s not clear this had any effect but to move the reporting out of London.

A German commentator raises an interesting point: “This naturally raises the question — that they felt it necessary to take such extreme action — what interesting data is still waiting to be released? And in general I have to ask myself, how bent out of shape they must be… The State doesn’t take this kind of action if it believes it has things more or less still under control.”[2]


[2] http://blog.refefe.de/?ts=acec66e9

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