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Cheating at Poker with Infrared Contact Lenses (and smartphone keylogging)

An Italian was arrested for cheating at poker using infrared contact lenses in France. (Fun fact: in a Europe-wide poll, the Italians rated *themselves* as the least trustworthy people in Europe, I think even trusting their fellow countrymen less than other Europeans.) In a nutshell, confederates had arranged to mark the cards with infrared-reactive ink. […]

Matchstick Bugs

First of all, it seems I really didn’t give yesterday’s link enough credit. It turns out the NSA has a 15 year retention period for ALL YOUR METADATA, anywhere, anything… which is more or less equivalent to having someone following you around for the last 15 years and noting everyone you’ve ever communicated with… and […]

The NSA Maps Everyone’s Social Networks (and backbones, iPhone, Estabrooks)

“Every bond you break Every step you take They’ll be watching you…” At least, if you use social networks. No, this is not really news (did anyone think they were NOT doing this?), so I’m covering this mostly for two reasons: a) It’s going to be staring at me with a baleful fishy-eyed glare from […]

Seymore Hersh on the Media (and spy hypnosis, Appelbaum, Snowden)

This is not a security article per se, it’s far more US politics-centric than I like, and it neatly illustrates the Internet-age trap of “subtlety? no, for me to see something that’s there, it has to be outlined in bright flashing literalism.” Nevertheless, the underlying concept is critically important to understand. Spy hypnosis: If you’re […]

Data Gobblers Hacked (and Tor, JYA on communication tech)

Soo… remember way back when, when I was ranting on about how centralizing data in one place was REALLY BAD and to be avoided at all costs? There are companies that do that professionally, you know, for a living. Firms like Lexis-Nexis, Kroll, and Dunn & Bradstreet specialize in pulling together the intimate confidential details […]

(offtopic) Lifehacking: Salt!

Almost forgot. If you want an emotional boost, or you need to “clean off the drama” on occaision… grab a couple tablespoons worth of ordinary salt when you head into the shower. In the shower, rub salt over your head, chest, and other body parts, and rinse it off with nice hot water. Proceed with […]

China’s Big Brother Architecture

“With its militant protests and mobile population, China confronts a fundamental challenge. How can it maintain a system based on two dramatically unequal categories of people: the winners, who get the condos and cars, and the losers, who do the heavy labor and are denied those benefits? More urgently, how can it do this when […]