(offtopic) Lifehacking: Salt!

Almost forgot.

If you want an emotional boost, or you need to “clean off the drama” on occaision… grab a couple tablespoons worth of ordinary salt when you head into the shower.

In the shower, rub salt over your head, chest, and other body parts, and rinse it off with nice hot water. Proceed with usual shower routine.

I’m not sure entirely why this works, but it does. The spa people are big fans of (a version of) this, and they even sell bars of “Himalayan pure glacier magic woo woo” salt for your body-salting needs.

Being too cheap to buy Himalayan salt bars, I found ordinary table salt seems to do the trick too.

Of course, having it in bar form does have has a key advantage — you can use it as deodorant! https://www.authentichimalayansalt.com/himalayan-salt-detox/himalayan-salt-deodorant-reviews/

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