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Romans, the Internet, and the Hive Mind (plus #badBIOS summary, Snowden update)

Eben Moglen has a long but well-put commentary on parallels between the US and the Roman Empire. Of course, if you’ve observed the American national-security apparatus for a while, it’s quite clear that the US already thinks of itself as Rome 2.0. Internally, this analogy is used explicitly. In that respect Snowdenleaks might well be […]

Trojaned Irons (and Russia/Tesla, the NSA spies on the Pope, lots more paranoia)

Shopping for some home appliances? Don’t forget to perform a bug sweep when you take them home from the store! According to the Russkies*, the Chinese have started bugging random appliances. The bugs connect to any unprotected Wi-Fi network within range and start spreading malware… though a microphone suggests they can do much more. So […]

Surveillance Architecture (and paranoia roundup)

UN secure Worm speedbump Hostage Powder Watch Stego Target Smart

Lilly Wave NLJD (and #badBIOS, NSA in Berlin, Snowden defense fund)

I’ve touched on the Lilly wave before, in the context of lifehacking stuff. (It was invented in 1955 as a way of doing very long-term cranial electrostimulation without damage to the brain. It’s simply a positive pulse followed very quickly by a negative pulse, in order to leave any neuron it touches the same as […]

Assange and the Russians continued

Here’s one more consideration on this subject. As he was fulminating against Moscow, Assange said, “We are helped by the Americans, who pass on a lot of material about Russia,” to WikiLeaks. ( The response of the Russians was, as Faust — I mean, Foust — points out, low on tact and high on veiled […]

The NSA Broke the Merkelphone (and realtime spying, Assange and the Russians, cool hardware tricks)

Well howdy, guess I was wrong Snowden wouldn’t lead to juicy cryptanalytic disclosures. The NSA broke the AES-128 crypto used on German chancellor Angela Merkel’s smartphone. A US intelligence insider told the German tabloid “BILD” that Obama had personally requested more spying on Merkel, after which the NSA broke the encryption even on her newer, […]

FBStalker/OSINTstalker DIY-NSA tool (and John Young on telepathy, understanding human nature)

First of all… my analysis yesterday was incorrect. The overarching principle behind the sentence is not just responsibility, but also a sort of enhanced mirroring. (Responsibility-oriented persuasion frequently appears in concert with this stuff, but you can make a good argument it’s a separate thing.) You know how executive coaches and self help gurus tell […]