BitTorrent Goes Encrypted Chat (and paranoia roundup)

Move over CryptoCat — BitTorrent is testing a fully decentralized encrypted chat mechanism. Which is neat… not because I particularly plan to use it, but because people are putting some serious thought into re-building the Internet for a “post-Snowden world…” and BitTorrent has a proven track record creating disruptive solutions that stick.

(Side note #1: After enduring a fscking DECADE of “post-9/11 world,” I’m OVERJOYED to see a pro-liberty replacement.)

(Side note #2: I still have a bit of a soft spot for CryptoCat, for the simple reason they’re one of the few crypto-communicators that has the integrity to write “NO SERIOUSLY DON’T TRUST US FOR ANYTHING SERIOUS” in neon letters everywhere.

Which is precisely the kind of mindset people need to learn w.r.t everything… not “can I trust this,” but “how far can I trust this thing, and is that further than I can throw it?”

The more I learn about security, the more I get the feeling that you can never totally trust anything at all to be perfectly secure.)

Paranoia… oh boy, lots of stuff.

THE NSA/FBI HAS SSL PRIVATE KEYS FOR EVERY CLOUD/WEBMAIL PROVIDER EVER. And not just “covert copies.” They’re also getting a copy via *legal* means, so they can use that data more widely. (If they didn’t go through the courts, they’d have to classify everything “super squirrel ultracompartmented” and restrict access to one dude in a basement. This way they can share it with your mom.)

Lavabit’s solution? Fucking with the Feds using a four-point font:

Silk Road’s Ulrich may have been good at running a drug market, but he really had poor taste in hit men:

Some really insightful comments on building a new life in a post-Snowden world:

Greenwald on the NSA…
“the objective of the NSA is literally the elimination of global privacy: ensuring that every form of human electronic communication –
not just those of The Terrorists™ – is collected, stored, analyzed and monitored.

The NSA has so radically misled everyone for so long about its true purpose that revealing its actual institutional function was shocking to many, many people, and is the key context for understanding these other specific revelations.”

Former NSA tech chief characterizes most corporate security… “we see an awful lot of big companies – Fortune 100-level companies – with, to be perfectly candid, appalling security. They have fundamentally no idea what they’re doing.”

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