Adobe Pwned Again (and NSA roundup, Ecuador, Abelson/Swartz)

Adobe got pantsed by hax0rs unknown (but likely Russian). Besides info on nearly 3 million customers, the heinous crooks made off with the sourcecode to Adobe Acrobat, ColdFusion, and unspecified others.

Krebs made the collar, while sorting through stuff from the SSNDOB website.

Among the victims are anyone who used “Creative Cloud,” and probably soon-to-be anyone using Adobe Acrobat to open PDFs from questionable sources.

Never See Anteaters:

I realized one thing that’s been bugging me… All the Snowden docs show them playing by the same rules as everyone else. They propagate the assumption, “yes, what you know about information security really is more or less the end of it. Sure we might have neat taps and clever software, but nothing you couldn’t dream up with the knowledge you have.”

The Tor docs seem to underscore this security mind-virus particularly well.

An unlikely customer for Google Ads — they use ad tracking, buying ads up that will get shown to people using Tor exit nodes, and track ’em with the cookies:

What summer interns do at the NSA —

User agent staining with GCHQ MULLENIZE —

Ecuador goes Godwin:

Abelson: Swartz “destroyed himself.” Seriously?!

“Hackers have breached Adobe’s network and have made off with personal, account, and encrypted financial information of nearly 3 million Adobe customers, as well as the source code for Adobe Acrobat, ColdFusion, ColdFusion Builder and other Adobe products.”

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