GSM Eavesdropping with RTLSDR (and Cheney, Omidyar, Mediastan)

Cell phone security? LOL.

Nowdays, all you need is a $19 RTLSDR dongle and a Linux box, and you can passively intercept and decode voice calls to any phone nearby. Picking out the phone you want by their phone number.

The article includes a nice detailed here’s-how-to-do-this-at-home writeup.

You even end up sniffing SMS’s with Wireshark!

Now you, too, can be your own one-man signals intelligence shop…

Cheney had his pacemaker disabled because he was afraid hackers would use it to kill him: ba99b894_story.html

More (hostile) analysis of Omidyar.
– White knight?
– Part of a worldwide corporate-intelligence plot to back the keepers of Snowden’s leaks into a corner and make them an offer they can’t refuse?

You decide.

Or maybe the hostile analyses are part of a worldwide corporate-intelligence plot to poison the Omidyar news venture before it gets going… c.f “wilderness of mirrors”

Mediastan available to US / Canada / Ireland / Portugal / Estonia / Lithuania starting 7PM pacific time:

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